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Tips to Improve Your Grammar Outside the Classroom

Grammar rules are one of the most difficult things to master when learning a new language and learning English grammar is no different. To be honest, I think grammar rules sometimes baffle the best of English teachers and I am sure at some point, many teachers have found themselves saying in class “that’s just the way it is”.

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Adjective Order

A lovely blue Italian scarf or an Italian blue lovely scarf? Adjective order. There are many language rules that native speakers of English know without knowing they know it and today we’re going to talk about one of them. If you decide to learn English in London, you will most certainly have a lesson on the topic of adjective order.

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Students Journey: Cristina Melones Caseros

Hello, I’m Cristina, I’m from Spain, from Madrid and I have been here at Tti for 7 months. I have been taking the 30+ lessons and the General English lessons and I’m so happy. I really feel that I have improved my English or my skills and now I feel more confident when I have to have a conversation in different situations, even with British people.

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Students Journey: Amélie Francoise

Hello, my name is Amelie, I’m from France. I’ve been studying at Tti in the 30+ class for 10 weeks and I really, really like my experience here for different reasons. Everybody here is really friendly and open-minded, and it’s in the heart of Camden, so it’s a very good place to enjoy London.

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/ough / Sound – Pron Series EP 4

Hi everybody. My name is Ivan and I’m here to talk to you today about how to pronounce the letters ough. There are at least seven different pronunciations. The most common is an /ɔː/ sound, like in bought, thought, brought and fought. Another pronunciation is /ʌf/, as in rough, tough and enough.

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/h/ Sound – Pron Series EP 3

Hi guys. Welcome to the Pronunciation series. My name’s Frits and I’m here to help you with a little bit of pronunciation today. Now, everyone, take a deep breath through your nose, and breath out of your mouth.

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