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Thinking about learning English in London? There are many types of courses you can study but many people chose to take an exam class to obtain an official qualification. One of the most popular exam courses you can choose is the International English Language Testing System exam (IELTS) is an essential qualification needed by anybody whose first language is not English.

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Basic IELTS Advice

The IELTS, or International English Language Testing System, exam is a test of English as a foreign language which has become hugely popular over the last two decades. Students all over the world join online English classes or learn English in face-to-face environments with the aim of getting an IELTS certificate that gives them their desired score.

Living on Borrowed Words

English is very comfortable with absorbing words from other languages, and you can find words from many, many languages in English dictionaries. Unlike, say, Welsh, Icelandic, or French, there is no official body whose job it is to invent new native words for concepts that did not previously exist or were not previously needed. As …

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Using English with Friends

Whether you are studying English in London or studying English online, one thing that can really help your progress is using English regularly. Students often feel frustrated because they find that they are always translating in their head before they speak, and speaking English frequently is a way of forming connections in your brain that …

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Gonna? Wanna? Gotta? Get to grips with informal contractions!

“It’s late, I gotta go.” “Do you wanna get a coffee?” “I’m gonna visit my parents next weekend.” We all know that English has contractions. Cannot becomes can’t. I would becomes I’d. She had becomes she’d. But what about those crazy words in those sentences above? Gotta? Wanna? Gonna? What’s that about?!?! When we speak English …

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Want to sound like a native English speaker? Here are some tips!

We all want to sound natural when we’re learning a second language, but English can seem like an especially difficult language with lots of confusing vocabulary and pronunciation. The first thing to say is that sounding like a native English speaker doesn’t mean sounding like the Queen of England! One of the great things about …

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