Tti Podcast Episode 1 plus Our Special IATEFL report from Teacher Marianne

On our first episode of the Tti Podcast , Mel interviews Luke Vyner,Tti Teacher & Educational Director at London Language Experience which creates imaginative and contemporary listening materials. Luke talks about what he enjoys about teaching at Tti, his IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) workshop which took place on April 5th in Harrogate and what his audio tours are all about!

Creative Writing from Brazilian Student, Bruno Teixeira

Inspired by Matt’s Creative Writing Workshop. (Matt is a teacher at Tti who recently graduated with a Masters in Creative and Life Writing from Goldsmiths University .) A couple of weeks ago, I ran a creative writing workshop as part of the Tti social program. It was quite well attended, with 14 students turning up …

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Our Favourite Olympic Moments!!

This week, Tti students and staff joined together on the comfty couches to enjoy some international snacks and the figure skating on the big screen TV in the study lounge!

Luigi Campopiano writes about…Mr Johnson?

I was in a very old fashioned house in the centre of London. From an outside view it seems something special because around it there are only new buildings. We can imagine a house which doesn’t belong to this age: effectively I’m talking about Johnson’s house. You’re thinking who [is] this Mr. Johnson is: the Johnson’s surname is very common in England. Nevertheless, this Mr. Johnson is very famous: he was the first writer of a common English dictionary, called “A Dictionary of the English Language”.

Don’t Look Back!

As they await their results with trepidation, we spoke to three of our former CAE students to get their opinions on studying in England and hopefully to give us a few tips in the process!

Hi, my name is Saki, from Japan!

Above all, I would like to tell you what made me come and study English in England and why I decided to come to Tti.  I had been dreaming of coming and living in foreign country since I was a little girl, like, nine-year-old.  Japan is an island country surrounded by ocean, as you know, so there is no opportunity to speak English and communicate to foreigners whatsoever.  So I was strongly feeling that I really need to go out of here and learn English.

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