Hi, my name is Saki, from Japan!

Above all, I would like to tell you what made me come and study English in England and why I decided to come to Tti.  I had been dreaming of coming and living in foreign country since I was a little girl, like, nine-year-old.  Japan is an island country surrounded by ocean, as you know, so there is no opportunity to speak English and communicate to foreigners whatsoever.  So I was strongly feeling that I really need to go out of here and learn English.

Did you know there is a Roman Ampitheatre in London?

Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE all things Roman! So, when a student of mine told me that there is a Roman Amphitheatre under the Guildhall Art Gallery I nearly screamed with excitement! I immediately added it to the Social Programme calendar for October and we headed down to Moorgate station to go discover London’s ancient past.  It was absolutely wonderful!

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