Live with an English-speaking host and be welcomed as part of the family. Practice your English over meal times and immerse yourself in British culture. Located in Zone 2-4, with home cooking and single rooms with a private bathroom.

Homestay is the most cost-effective way to stay in London and improve your English. Families are selected and regularly visited by our homestay agencies and are fully complaint with all legal requirements.

Please read carefully our Homestay Guidelines before you proceed to book a homestay .

Key Information

Room Type – Single room with private bathroom

Zone – Options in zone 2, 3 and 4

Distance from school – Homestay vary (20-60 minutes by public transport)

Age – Over 16

Meal options – Home cooking. Options: Breakfast only, Breakfast and evening meal to continue with the following:

Breakfast is usually self-served with a selection of bread, cheese, butter, milk and cereals. Evening dinner will be shared with the host family. 

Internet – Free wifi

Bills – Inclusive of all utility bills

Laundry – Free facilities, once a wee

Linen – All linen provided. Changed every two weeks

Bookings – Minimum one week, Sunday to Saturday

Price – Dependent on meal options

Bed & breakfast only £280
Half board (bed, breakfast and evening meal) £330
Bed and breakfast (between 15 and 40 minutes’ walk from TopUp Learning London (Tti School) £345
Half board (between 15 and 40 minutes’ walk from TopUp Learning London (Tti School) £415
Twin half board (bed, breakfast and evening meal) £310
Twin bed and breakfast £270


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