Who is this course for?

The VIP English Courses is for the student who wishes to combine the enjoyment of learning and communicating in a group, with the advantages of a focused one-to-one tuition. You will study in a group class in the morning and have the flexibility of choosing when to take your one-to-one tuition.

What will I learn?

You will practice and develop all the four skills of English – Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. You will also gain greater understanding of the English language grammatical structure and increase your vocabulary. You will be able to take up five individual lessons each week at your preferred time to study the topic at your choice or simply enhance one skill from the four basic English skill such as speaking or accent reduction. You will also be engaged in the weekend with your English tutor for sightseeing and learn English through events and activities.

Course Materials: The 2021 General English course syllabus uses a course book, the English File  Fourth Edition from Oxford University Press. It is supplemented by a variety of other materials to suit the class’ needs.

What will I achieve?

  • Be able speak with greater confidence and fluency
  • Have developed your listening, writing and reading skills
  • Have a better understanding of the grammatical structure of English
  • Have increased your vocabulary repertoire

What can I do next?

  • Use your new English skills for work, travel or further study in higher education
  • Prepare for an IELTS or Cambridge Exams qualification


General English (9:00-11:50am) 15 lessons      
    English Plus Module 1 (12:30-1:20pm) 5 lessons    
     English Plus Module 2 (1:30-2:20pm) 5 lessons   
      General English (2:30-4:10pm) 10 lessons 

Want to study with scholarship? Our lessons are approved from BILDUNG URLAUB, find out more information @ https://www.bildungsurlaub-sprachkurs.de/standorte/sprachschule/topup-learning-london-tti/

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